Mart Loog
Professor, leader of the ’Molecular Systems Biology’ group at ECB

Mart’s research directions include the regulation of the eukaryotic cell cycle and development of phosphorylation-based signaling circuits for synthetic biology applications. Mart is the coordinator of the ERA Chair project on synthetic biology and the leading figure behind the ECSB. In the Celestial project, Mart is leading the work package on Business Plan development.

Alex T. Nielsen
Professor, leader of the ‘Bacterial Cell Factory Optimization’ group at NNF CFB

Alex’s group focuses on developing tools for the production of biochemicals by engineering of novel biosynthetic pathways in bacterial production organisms through metabolic engineering, systems and synthetic biology. The group also focuses on utilization of alternative carbon sources in order to decrease the production cost of bulk biochemicals. The main focus is: (i) Folding of heterologous proteins in E. coli; (ii) Utilization of alternative carbon sources; and (iii) Production of value-added biochemicals. In the Celestial project, Alex is leading the work package on Internationalization and industrial liaison.

Morten Nørholm
Senior researcher, leader of the ’Microbial Evolution and Synthetic Biology’ group at NNF CFB

Morten’s group is developing the uracil excision DNA assembly technology. The focus is on protein production, synthetic biology tool development, the biology of membrane proteins and their use in microbial cell factories. In the Celestial project, Morten is leading the work package on Academic career, education and training.

Ilona Faustova
A research fellow in Molecular Biology and Program Director of Science and Technology program at ECB

In the Celestial project, Ilona is leading the work package on Dissemination and communication.

Petri-Jaan Lahtvee
Senior scientist, leader of the ’Yeast Synthetic Biology’ group at ECB

Petri’s research combines molecular biology and bioinformatics, with a focus on creating more energetically efficient cell factory strains for industrial applications. Petri is the ERA Chair holder in Synthetic Biology and a leading figure behind ECB. In the Celestial project, Petri is leading the work package on Project Management.

Reet Kurg
Senior researcher, Director of the Insitute of Technology

For many years, Reet has been working on the molecular biology of papillomaviruses. Her current research is focused on cancer antigens, specifically on melanoma associated antigens and their usage as biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Since 2011 she is a Head of the Core Facility of virology and cell imaging of the Institute of Technology.

Jens Nielsen
Professor, CSO of NNF CFB, Director of Systems and Synthetic Biology

Jens is currently directing a research group of more than 60 people. Jens Nielsen has published so far more than 550 papers that have been cited more than 35,000 times (current H-factor >100), co-authored more than 40 books and he is the inventor of more than 50 patents. He was identified by Thompson Reuter as a highly cited researcher in 2015. Jens Nielsen has founded several biotech companies, including Fluxome A/S, Metabogen AB and Biopetrolia AB, and he has served in the scientific advisory board of a range of different biotech companies in the USA and Europe.