The major objective of the Estonian Centre for Biosustainability (ECB) is to create a major research, technology development, and innovation platform for the generation of cutting-edge bioengineering solutions focused on sustainable chemicals, designer foods, and novel pharmaceuticals through digitalisation of biology. We believe that digitalisation of biology and automated design-build-test-learn (DBTL) cycles of bioengineering will transform entire sectors of human life and the world economy by solving many global challenges, from healthcare to biomaterials, food, and sustainable energy. We expect that the ECB platform formed by the inter-disciplinary integration of local expertise will considerably accelerate the path of bioengineering solutions from lab to the market. This could also serve as a launching pad for the establishment of a new branch of industry in the region. The future bioeconomy lies in understanding and engineering biology and we aim to create the first integrated IT and biology environment for bioengineering in the Baltics. ECB will aim to achieve these goals using the €30 million funding awarded to the Teaming project DigiBio founded on a consortium led by ECB members together with world-leading experts from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability at the Technical University of Denmark.