Business Plan development


The objective of this work package is to compile an extensive, detailed, and robust business plan that will elevate the Estonian Centre for Synthetic Biology into a leading European research centre with a focus on developing innovative biological tools and production strains for industrial cell factories based on mammalian, yeast, and bacterial cells.



Internationalization and industrial liaison


The objective of this work package is to build strategies and define action plans to extend the current research partnerships of the ECSB into a strong and sustainable global research network of academic and industrial organisations engaged in long-term research collaborations with the ECSB.



Academic career, education and training


The objective of this work package is to develop plans for providing relevant high-level undergraduate and graduate education curricula in the ECSB and developing new attractive career models for highly qualified postgraduates and researchers.



Dissemination and communication


The primary objectives of this work package are:

To disseminate knowledge and promote the visibility of the upgraded Estonian Centre for Synthetic Biology. To achieve active involvement and strong engagement of key stakeholder groups as well as the wider public in the long-term plans of the ECSB.



Project management


The objective of this work package is to smoothly co-ordinate the CelESTial project in both administrative and technical terms aiming towards achieving effective operation of the project as well as timely delivery of high quality results. It serves as a focus point for interaction between the European Commission and the partners for all relevant matters. Specific management structures and techniques have been devised to ensure successful implementation of the project.