The cell factory platform being developed for the sustainable bio-manufacturing of high-value chemicals and pharmaceuticals will rely on the concerted action of both centres, and their industrial partners, and will accelerate the transition from proof-of-concept science to commercial production via iterative design cycles. The platform will move cell factory technology from the lab to pilot-scale production in bioreactors with less cost and development time compared with current techniques. The project also aims to enhance regional development by extending the innovative biosustainable research and industrial practices of the Medicon Valley area of Denmark and Southern Sweden into the greater Nordic and Baltic Sea region.


The ECSB-Pilot Plant project

The CelESTial project aims to develop a bioprocessing pilot plant designed for optimizing the bioprocessing of various carbon sources (syngas, lignocellulosic sugars, etc.). The pilot plant, combined with a training and competence centre, will provide the local bioprocessing industry with research-based innovative technology solutions, and serve as a broad public platform to debate and promote a biosustainable life-style, strategies to leverage the emerging bioeconomy, and early exposure to future innovations.

The ECSB-Pilot Plant project

The Broad Foundry

Several core facilities have been consolidated into a single core facility specialized in synthetic biology, the Broad Foundry, which is now an integral part of the ECSB:

  • synthetic biology
  • proteomics, metabolomics
  • cell culture
  • wood chemistry and bioprocessing