Education & Outreach

Education and Training

The ECSB initiated the development of international curricula in synthetic biology that will become a fully operational programme in a few years. During this time we will establish innovative Master and Ph.D. programs in synthetic biology in close collaboration with the molecular biology and engineering laboratories within the centre. The labor needs and expectations of industry are currently being identified and taken into account in the curricula building process.


The international three years Bachelor’s programme includes innovative content and comprises selected parts of what is currently taught at the Faculty of Science and Technology. It provides a broad overview of natural and exact sciences and technologies. Students can choose to pursue a combined specialization in:

  • genetics and biotechnology
  • bioengineering and robotics
  • chemistry and materials science.


At the Masters and Ph.D. level, students can focus on more narrow fields of synthetic biology such as organic chemistry, biomaterials, and robotics.


Start-ups and ECB Industry association

A start-up accelerator has been initiated ( with the aim of helping scientists to launch startups in the fields of synthetic biology, chemistry, material science, and robotics. An incubator is being planned under the CelESTial project to provide access to laboratory space, core facilities, and other support services.